A Guide to Purchasing a Compound Microscope

The microscope is one of the greatest inventions in science giving the ability to place small subjects such as cells and microorganisms on a slide and magnify them between 40x and 1500x allowing for a clear magnified view of the object. There are several different types of microscopes used in the lab, but the compound […] ... Read More

What Is a Spark Free Fridge and Why Is It Important?

When in the market for a laboratory refrigerator, you’ll likely come across both a standard refrigerator and a ‘spark free’ refrigerator? What exactly does spark free mean and do you require a spark free fridge? Let’s explore this topic in more detail so you’re able to make a more informed decision. What does it mean […] ... Read More

The Responsibilities and Challenges of Wastewater and Water Treatment Laboratories

The prime function of a wastewater Laboratory facility is to ensure that all discharges from a control facility meet all appropriate Federal and Provincial standards.  The laboratory technicians and scientists have a purpose to exceed the governmental standards by monitoring pollutants to ensure the protection of the environment in a cost-effective manner. Through frequent analysis […] ... Read More

Gamma Vs Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Sterilization

When purchasing sterile laboratory products, you will notice that there are different types of sterilization methods. Two of the most common methods are gamma sterile and ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization and the common questions surrounding these two types are which, if any, is better and what are the main differences. Gamma Sterilization Let’s first take […] ... Read More

Plastic Vs Steel Corrosive Cabinets

When you’re faced with the challenge of purchasing a corrosive cabinet, the first question that is likely to spring to your mind is: Do I purchase a plastic cabinet or a metal cabinet? This decision can come down to some very simple factors so rest easy! We’ll help you with your decision and provide you […] ... Read More

The Importance of Maintaining and Monitoring Waterways

Without water, no life could exist, and many essential and nonessential human activities wouldn’t be possible without the use of healthy waterways. It is therefore the responsibility of us all to ensure that our local waterways, whether it be a creek, river, or lake are kept healthy and clean. Much like arteries or veins in […] ... Read More

Waste Elimination in the Laboratory using the Acronym “WOODMITS” – Lean Management Techniques

Waste reduces the capacity of a laboratory to reach its objectives in the most efficient manner; it uses limited resources in ways that do not contribute to the organisation’s overall goals. Lean is an organisational performance management system characterised by a collaborative approach between employees and managers to identify and minimise or eliminate activities that do […] ... Read More

Key Considerations when Buying a Laboratory Fridge or Freezer

Selecting and buying the right fridge or freezer for your laboratory is an important aspect in modern lab management. You might think it’s as simple as choosing the fridge that looks good and can hold all the samples, but believe it or not, there are many things to weigh up before picking one out. Selecting […] ... Read More

Why use a non-bleeding pH test strip?

What exactly does it mean when we see non-bleeding test strips? Unlike common indicator papers, non-bleed is a patented technology whereby the test strips are chemically bound to the test pads. This safely prevents the dyes from bleeding into the sample which prevents contamination and allows you to continue with further analysis of the solution. […] ... Read More

VCS Completes New K-12 Facility

Celebrating their 70th year of operation as one of Vancouver’s most renowned Christian Schools, VCS will be opening the doors to a brand new k-12 facility in the city of Vancouver for the 2018-2019 school year. Housed within this facility, Vancouver Christian School is proud to offer state of the art learning centers where students […] ... Read More

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