Choosing A Laboratory Balance

There are many types of laboratory balances on today’s market and when making a decision to purchase a balance, you need to ensure you are buying for the best outcome possible. Consider the application first, what is the maximum capacity? What is the accuracy? Consider ROI (Return on Investment) next, what is the load cell […] ... Read More

Designing or Improving a High-Volume Production or Automation Laboratory? What Layout is Best for You?

Are you prioritizing optimization of laboratory design and layout?  There are many ways to layout benching in your laboratory space. In this article, we look at incorporating lean principles to optimize design layouts primarily for high throughput production and automation laboratories. There are T-Shaped Layouts, U-Shape Layouts and Z or S-Shaped layouts. Key pointers to […] ... Read More

10 Tips to Improve Your Pipetting Technique

It is important to establish a proper pipetting technique as poor techniques can dramatically reduce the accuracy and performance of the pipettor. It is worth taking the time to fine tune your technique to ensure you are working as efficiently and effectively as possible. We have compiled a list of the top 10 pipetting technique […] ... Read More

Building a lab? Why you Should use a Lab Specialist over a Cabinet Maker

If you are considering a new laboratory rebuild or refurbishment, it is important to consider your supply partners. A great partner can make for a great outcome in your new facility. Usually, you will need to choose between a Millwork company or a Lab Fit-out Specialist and choosing between them can often be a difficult […] ... Read More

Refurbishing your Laboratory with Little or No Downtime

In an environment where attention to detail is everything, laboratories looking to refurb need to seek a partner that can manage a high-level finish with no downtime to sensitive business operations. Downtime can be costly, especially when you need to shut down a lab and relocate staff. In this article, we look at ways to […] ... Read More

Who should be involved in your laboratory design process and why?

Designing a laboratory can be a daunting task and it is often a question of how many people you should include in the laboratory design process. Too many people and personalities can create confusion that will lead to delays in the design process. It is important to know who you should include and understand how […] ... Read More

Reducing Space and Motion Waste in The Laboratory Using the Spaghetti Diagram.

Over time, your laboratory can become inefficient due to the lack of thought process behind positioning of equipment and workstations. Inefficiencies often occur over long periods of time with the gradual growth of a laboratory. Substantial amounts of motion waste can be eliminated when binging your laboratory in accordance to lean principles resulting in greater efficiently, output […] ... Read More

A Guide to Taking Proper Care of Your pH Electrodes

If you measure the pH of solutions on a regular basis, you would know it is quite a tedious task. You have to stand there and adjust the pH of the buffer, add acid or alkali drop by drop till you get the right pH. While pH-ing can be boring, it is essential that the […] ... Read More

2 Effective Ways to ‘Lean’ your Laboratory

We are advancing in the 21st century at extraordinary speeds. As we begin to see robotics and automation becoming more prevalent in laboratories, it has become clear that a lean laboratory process needs to be implemented to ensure that you’re making the most out of this incredible technology. Not only will a lean process allow you […] ... Read More

What is Conductivity?

Electric Conductivity is a quite a comprehensive and difficult subject and there are many publications that cover the topic in depth. For the purpose of this article, we will discuss the fundamentals of conductivity to give you a basic understanding of conductivity and conductivity meters. With the introduction of the SI (International Systems of Units), […] ... Read More

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