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Phenolic vs Epoxy Countertops. Which is best for my laboratory?

Posted on the 22nd of Mar 2023 by Westlab
#html-body [data-pb-style=KMQCDA1]{display:flex;flex-direction:column}Epoxy vs Phenolic Countertops. Which is best for my laboratory? When it comes to laboratory worktops, there are a variety of...
2023-03-22 23:36:00

Should I get a ducted fume hood or a ductless fume hood?

Posted on the 14th of Feb 2023 by Westlab
#html-body [data-pb-style=Q17GIH3]{display:flex;flex-direction:column}Should I get a ducted fume hood or a ductless fume hood? This is often a question we get asked by lab managers or those setting...
2023-02-14 23:28:00

Is dissecting specimens ethical?

Posted on the 9th of Dec 2022 by Westlab
#html-body [data-pb-style=DNCRPU5]{display:flex;flex-direction:column}  This is a very interesting question that we come across a bit, so we thought we would write an article to better...
2022-12-09 22:07:00

Different sterilization methods used in the laboratory

Posted on the 9th of Dec 2022 by Westlab
Sterilization can be achieved by a combination of heat, chemicals, irradiation, high pressure and filtration like steam under pressure, dry heat, ultraviolet radiation, gas vapor sterilants, chlorine...
2022-12-09 11:59:00

Best Practices for a Healthy Building in the 21st Century

Posted on the 3rd of Aug 2022 by Westlab
John Snow, a leader in medical hygiene, is best known for implementing a sewerage system in Great Britain in the mid-1800’s. What Snow did drastically reduced the number of infections caused by the...
2022-08-03 12:59:00

Knock-on Effects of COVID-19 on our Health System

Posted on the 20th of Dec 2020 by Westlab
As the COVID pandemic ebbs and flows after its initial tidal onslaught at the beginning of 2020, authorities and intellectuals alike are considering and speculating its ongoing impact. Particularly,...
2020-12-20 21:24:00

The Dangers of Fraudulent Products

Posted on the 16th of Dec 2020 by Westlab
The Concerns Frequent collaboration with personnel of the health sector in procurement and supply positions is revealing a wide concern for fraudulent products, particularly from developing nations...
2020-12-16 21:16:00

The Concerns Around COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Posted on the 16th of Dec 2020 by Westlab
Having risen above the pandemic of 2020, 2021 promises the imminent delivery of vaccination options. Westlab Health has unique insight into what delivery options will look like in the year to...
2020-12-16 21:06:00

What is SARS CoV-2 LAMP Testing and Why is it the Next Step Forward in the COVID Fight?

Posted on the 6th of Dec 2020 by
COVID-19 Testing Methods: Efficiency, Accuracy and Reliability  As the SARS CoV-2 infection diminishes in its intensity and prevalence in Australia, governmental health departments...
2020-12-06 20:59:00

How Supply Chains are Being Forced to Adapt to COVID-19 Lockdowns

Posted on the 28th of Jul 2020 by Westlab
Dealing with an unprecedented moment in time As the world is being forced to adapt to the continuing threat of the COVID-19 virus and subsequent economic problems that it brings with it, supply...
2020-07-28 20:59:00

Re-imagining and Healing Links in the Supply Chains During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on the 10th of Jul 2020 by
Getting humanitarian supplies where they need to go is a game of precision and meticulous planning under normal circumstances. Try adding a global pandemic to the mix, and you’ve described the...
2020-07-10 20:51:00

Westlab Develops Locally Made Face Shields

Posted on the 9th of Jul 2020 by Westlab
In March 2020 the Westlab team worked through numerous designs and clinical trials to develop and manufacture a locally made face shield that could be produced in high volumes to meet the market...
2020-07-09 21:50:00

10 Ways to Decrease Cost Per Sample in Your Laboratory

Posted on the 16th of Apr 2020 by Westlab
There are several ways to reduce the cost per sample in a throughput laboratory. In this article, we examine some of the easier ways to reduce your sample. Investing the time into being smarter and...
2020-04-16 14:08:00

A Guide to Staff Training in the Lab

Posted on the 26th of Feb 2020 by Westlab
The laboratory sector is one of the most technologically advancing markets and lab managers must keep up to date with the latest trends and foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement....
2020-02-26 11:10:00

Open vs Closed Laboratory Design

Posted on the 3rd of Feb 2020 by Westlab
Open-plan is used to describe any floor plan which uses large, open spaces with few walls and minimal use of small, enclosed rooms. Modern office space designs follow this trend, where there are few...
2020-02-03 08:00:00

9 Ways to Make Your Day Productive in the Lab

Posted on the 2nd of Oct 2019 by Westlab
1. Plan Ahead For an efficient and productive day at the lab, the first and foremost thing to do is plan your day. This may be done at the end of the previous day, or in the morning at work. Jot down...
2019-10-02 22:49:00

The Challenges of Working in a Lab

Posted on the 22nd of Aug 2019 by Westlab
Challenges Scientists Face in the Lab Cross Contamination. Normally this is the outcome of trivial incidents of carelessness or oversight, or conversely, unavoidable mishaps. Nevertheless,...
2019-08-22 01:56:00

Advantages of Reconfigurable Laboratory Joinery

Posted on the 11th of Jul 2019 by Westlab
The one thing you have probably wished for at one point in your career is that the lab was just that little bit different in terms of design. ‘I wish we put that cabinet over there.’ ‘These...
2019-07-11 02:09:00

5 Key Considerations for a Great Laboratory Design

Posted on the 19th of Jun 2019 by Westlab
In this article, we look at some of the key aspects of great laboratory design. Every laboratory type has its own unique purpose, and the design consideration can determine the effectiveness of the...
2019-06-19 23:22:00

Top 6 Laboratory Design Trends

Posted on the 7th of Mar 2019 by Westlab
1. More open-design, teamwork orientated labs With the evolution of education etc., teamwork and ‘see and be seen’ working cultures are on the rise. More open space, visibility and flexibility...
2019-03-07 00:08:00

Tips for Choosing a 3-Decimal Balance

Posted on the 29th of Nov 2018 by Westlab
Laboratory balances are one of the pieces of equipment that are often taken for granted. However, these analytical balances are an important instrument in any laboratory – without a functional,...
2018-11-29 01:01:00

8 Steps to Handling a Lab Chemical Spill

Posted on the 24th of Oct 2018 by Westlab
Careful handling, storing and good laboratory practices in the use of laboratory chemicals will significantly reduce the occurrence of spills.  However, despite laboratory best practice, chemical...
2018-10-24 22:49:00

The Different Types of Glass in the Lab 

Posted on the 27th of Sep 2018 by Westlab
Glassware in the form of beakers, Petri dishes, vials, burettes and cylinders among others has always been a part of even the smallest laboratories. This is because of the unique inert qualities that...
2018-09-27 00:33:00

A Guide to Purchasing a Centrifuge

Posted on the 29th of Aug 2018 by Westlab
An essential equipment item in many laboratories is a centrifuge. It is used in processes such as separation of red blood cells, DNA, cellular debris, and organelles. Lab managers need to keep in mind...
2018-08-29 23:41:00
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