What is CO2? Exploring the Laboratory Uses of Carbon Dioxide

Posted on the 18th of Aug 2023 by Westlab

Learn what is CO2? Explore the crucial role of CO2 in laboratories. Discover the  lab equipment which helps to monitor CO2 levels.

2023-08-18 05:44:00

Factors to Consider When Buying Laboratory Chemicals

Posted on the 3rd of Aug 2023 by Westlab

Learn about the tips you must consider when you buy laboratory chemical for multiple research and experimental needs.

2023-08-03 05:46:00

Gamma Vs Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation | Which is the Best Choice?

Posted on the 25th of Jul 2023 by Westlab

Learn about standard Gamma Vs Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation, what are their characteristics, and how to use these methods to sterilize medical devices. 

2023-07-25 07:55:00

Chemical Beaker vs Plastic Beaker | Which One is Better?

Posted on the 19th of Jul 2023 by Westlab

Let's look into the difference between Chemical Beaker, and glass vs plastic beakers. Explore laboratory equipments and products at Westlab Canada.

2023-07-19 10:41:00

Polypropylene vs Polystyrene - Similarities and Differences

Posted on the 14th of Jul 2023 by Westlab

Understand the characteristics, similarities and differences in detail by comparing polypropylene vs polystyrene at the same time.

2023-07-14 05:31:00

Top Lab Chemicals Every Lab Must Have

Posted on the 28th of Jun 2023 by Westlab

Offering a comprehensive range of Lab Chemicals with quality and supply assurance. Look into the composition, handling, and safety protocols of chemicals.

2023-06-28 08:23:00

What Is the Percent Ionization? Key Concepts and Its Uses

Posted on the 16th of May 2023 by Westlab

Understand the importance of percent ionization in chemistry and learn about the formula, weak acids, ionization reactions, and more from Westlab Canada.

2023-05-16 11:16:00

Master Stoichiometry in Solutions for Your Next Chem Lab

Posted on the 10th of May 2023 by Westlab

Stoichiometry in solutions is a crucial aspect of chemistry, particularly when understanding and analyzing chemical reactions in solutions.

2023-05-10 11:38:00

Plastic vs Steel Corrosive Cabinets

Posted on the 19th of Jul 2017 by Westlab

When you’re faced with the challenge of purchasing a corrosive cabinet, the first question likely to spring to mind is: Do I purchase a plastic or a metal cabinet? 

2017-07-19 04:01:00
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