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The Power of TEAMWORK in the Laboratory

Posted on the 15th of Dec 2020 by Westlab
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2020-12-15 20:23:00

Importance of Understanding Workflow Before Designing Your New Lab

Posted on the 11th of Dec 2020 by Westlab
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2020-12-11 23:46:00

Waste Elimination Using “WOODMITS” – Lean Management Techniques

Posted on the 5th of Dec 2020 by Westlab

Waste reduces the capacity of a laboratory to reach its objectives in the most efficient manner; it uses limited resources in ways that do not contribute to the organisation’s overall goals..

2020-12-05 04:42:00

Implementing 5S in the Laboratory

Posted on the 5th of Dec 2020 by Westlab

5S is a visual management tool and a structured methodology in creating best practice, clean, organised and efficient working environment. 5S can assist with the elimination of frustration, confusion, Stress, space limitation and inventory management. 5S is a great way to manage your laboratory.

2020-12-05 01:17:00

10 Ways to Decrease Cost Per Sample in Your Laboratory

Posted on the 16th of Apr 2020 by Westlab

There are several ways to reduce the cost per sample in a throughput laboratory. In this article, we examine some of the easier ways to reduce your sample.

2020-04-16 14:08:00
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