Why Do You Need to Wear Lab Coats in the Laboratory?

Posted on the 4th of Aug 2023 by Westlab

Let's look into the importance of lab coats and why these are important lab safety apparel and how to use them in a lab.

2023-08-04 07:21:00

Increase Operational Efficiency by Choosing Right Labware LIMS

Posted on the 7th of Jul 2023 by Westlab

Westlab Canada is the pioneer leader worldwide in labware LIMS. 100% Recommended by experts.

2023-07-07 11:45:00

What are The Laboratory Consumables? | A Complete Guide of Lab Supplies

Posted on the 19th of Jun 2023 by Westlab

Let's find a wide range of high-quality lab products. Laboratory consumables are day-to-day operational products of the lab. It is necessary for the proper functioning of a lab.

2023-06-19 11:54:00

Knock-on Effects of COVID-19 on our Health System

Posted on the 20th of Dec 2020 by Westlab
As the COVID pandemic ebbs and flows after its initial tidal onslaught at the beginning of 2020, authorities and intellectuals alike are considering and speculating its ongoing impact. Particularly,...
2020-12-20 21:24:00

The Dangers of Fraudulent Products

Posted on the 16th of Dec 2020 by Westlab

Frequent collaboration with personnel of the health sector in procurement and supply positions is revealing a wide concern for fraudulent products, particularly from developing nations in the Asian region.

2020-12-16 21:16:00

The Concerns Around COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Posted on the 16th of Dec 2020 by Westlab

Having risen above the pandemic of 2020, 2021 promises the imminent delivery of vaccination options. Westlab Health has unique insight into what delivery options will look like in the year to come.

2020-12-16 21:06:00

Distilled vs Deionised Water: What is the Difference?

Posted on the 13th of Dec 2020 by Westlab
#html-body [data-pb-style=QLGHD2I]{display:flex;flex-direction:column}The terms “distilled water” and “deionised water” are often misunderstood. Water Distillation Water...
2020-12-13 04:24:00

Difference Between a Lab Glasswasher & a Domestic Dishwasher

Posted on the 11th of Dec 2020 by Westlab

Although a domestic washer is a much lower cost than a laboratory glassware washer, it is not always suited for use in the commercial setting as it may not have the advanced features needed for laboratory work

2020-12-11 22:39:00

Westlab Develops Locally Made Face Shields

Posted on the 9th of Jul 2020 by Westlab

In March 2020 the Westlab team worked through numerous designs and clinical trials to develop and manufacture a locally made face shield that could be produced in high volumes to meet the market demands.

2020-07-09 21:50:00

The Different Types of Glass in the Lab 

Posted on the 27th of Sep 2018 by Westlab

Glassware in the form of beakers, Petri dishes, vials, burettes and cylinders among others has always been a part of even the smallest laboratories.

2018-09-27 00:33:00

What is the Difference Between Soda-lime Glass & Borosilicate Glass?

Posted on the 31st of Jul 2017 by Westlab
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2017-07-31 21:16:00

What is the Difference Between TD & TC Pipettes?

Posted on the 19th of Jul 2017 by Westlab

Do you ever get confused with TD or TC Pipettes? A pipette is either calibrated to "TC" or "TD," and abbreviations are normally printed on the side or bulb of the pipette.

2017-07-19 22:50:00

Differences in Quantitative & Qualitative Filter Papers

Posted on the 29th of May 2017 by Westlab
Filtration is the mechanical-physical operation which is used for the separation of solids from fluids by interposing a porous media through which only the fluid can pass. Oversized solids in the...
2017-05-29 04:03:00

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Centrifuge Tubes

Posted on the 29th of Aug 2016 by Westlab
#html-body [data-pb-style=EE421V2]{display:flex;flex-direction:column}Centrifuge tubes range a lot in terms of quality and performance. There are multiple factors that contribute to the overall...
2016-08-29 01:19:00

Why Use a Non-Bleeding pH Test Strip?

Posted on the 29th of Apr 2016 by Westlab
#html-body [data-pb-style=DKUR8ET]{display:flex;flex-direction:column}What exactly does it mean when we see non-bleeding test strips? Unlike common indicator papers, non-bleed is a patented technology...
2016-04-29 01:58:00

Nitrile vs Latex vs Vinyl Gloves

Posted on the 29th of Sep 2015 by Westlab
#html-body [data-pb-style=L43JCGO]{display:flex;flex-direction:column}The three most popular glove materials on the market today are nitrile, latex, and vinyl. We have seen the popularisation of the...
2015-09-29 01:57:00

10 Tips to Improve Your Pipetting Technique

Posted on the 29th of Apr 2015 by Westlab
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2015-04-29 01:47:00
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