Aeris Aair Lite Purifier, HEPA

Code: 179001-2000C


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Designed and engineered in Switzerland, the AERIS aairLite Air Purifier is certified with a medical-grade filter. In addition, the interior and exterior anti-microbial coating ensures adequate clean airflow for any environment while keeping noise and energy consumption to a minimum. Ideal for smaller offices and breakout rooms, patient rooms and any space between 32m2 and 65m2.

  • Top rated filtration efficiency and fidelity - thanks to true and certified medical-grade filter media.
  • Zero system leakage - a completely closed system with strong sealing keeps all pollutants trapped for good. All aair purifiers achieve a zero-count reading using a lab-grade particle sensor at the outlet at PM0.3.
  • Anti-microbial coating inside and out - a non-toxic Zinc-Pyrithion treatment on all our filters kills trapped viruses and bacteria. This means filters can be changed safely with no risk of contamination to the user.
  • Smart air quality monitor and AI - the integrated laser PM2.5 air quality sensor detects live changes in air quality and adjusts clean air delivery accordingly, thus saving energy and filter life over time.
  • WiFi connectivity, app and fleet control - single purifiers can be programmed or controlled via mobile app (iOS/Android). Multiple purifiers can be centrally managed via our browser-based fleet management.
  • Intelligent Swiss industrial design - makes filter changes a breeze, maximises clean air flow, whilst reducing wind noise.
  • Powerful yet silent fan motor - assures adequate clean air flow and circulation for any environment whilst limiting noise and energy consumption to a minimum. Low noise output of less than 48db.
  • Long filter life of up to 12 months - due to over engineered filters with extra amount of media.
  • 24 month warranty - for your piece of mind! 

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