Digital Spark Timer

Code: 444-3015

Digital Spark Timer for Precision Air Table 444-2995
While the former models of the Sparktimer were designed to be placed on the back frame of the Air Table, being maintained there by the Aluminum Air Head Support Post, this new digital model must be positionned on one side of the Air Table; this prevents any accidental collisions with a puck moving on the Air Table.
Allows recording on plain paper of the trajectories of one or two puck moving over the Air Table surface.
Allows 90 discrete frequencies from 10 Hz to 100 Hz. The frequency is set with two push buttons handily located on the front panel, just to the left of the digital display showing the current frequency
This unit is microcontroler driven and the frequencies are computed by software from the base 12 Mhz frequency of the microcontroler crystal. Drifting is thus not possible and the unit will never require any recalibration.
Should the magnetic fluctuations generated while using the Air Table cause the Sparktimer to cease operating, a handy RESET switch has now been positionned on the front panel to reset the unit.
One Footswitch is included. Operates at 9 VAC with 3.5mm plug


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