Westlab Binocular Research Compound Microscope

Code: 663-768-C

  • Westlab's premium Binocular Research Compound Microscope has the highest grade DIN infinity corrected PLAN achromatic lenses with a guaranteed >95% flat field measured from the centre
  • Free of image distortion and chromatic aberration at edges
  • PLAN eyepiece WF-10X with large lens (double the size of other eyepieces) and ultra-wide field of view of 20mm
  • Large scale body with streamlined design and ergonomic features a built in handle for easy carry on
  • Multi-layered coated lenses with high resolution and anti-mould, anti-glare and anti-scratches
  • Solid construction and precision mechanical controls provide excellent reliability and durability
  • Basic powers: 40X, 100X, 400X and 1000X. Also extendable to a maximum of 2000X
  • Professional quintuple reversed nose piece to accommodate up to 5 objective lenses
  • Koehler illumination system with field iris diaphragm for advanced image contrast control
  • Upgradable to dark field, polarizing, phase contrast and fluorescence microscope
  • Bottom transmitted hi-power LED daylight illumination
  • Advanced abbe condenser with reserved slots for functions upgrade and centering screws
  • Convenient and user-friendly co-axial focusing control
  • Large double layer mechanical stage
  • Safety limit stop built-in to protect objective lenses and slides
  • 2 year warranty for piece of mind

For the month of the February we are offering Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Westlab Microscopes!

To apply for this offer, purchase 2 Westlab microscopes and in the order notes let us know which part number you would like for free.

Please note the free microscope should be equal or lesser value to what you purchase.

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