pH Fix Test Strips

Fast results! Easy and safe! pH-Fix test strips allow fast pH testing directly at the point of interest. The easy dip & read procedure provides a reliable result within 10 seconds. Provided with a complete high-quality colour chart, pH-Fix does not need calibration and is immediately ready for use. For precise pH readings, the pH-Fix test strips use up to four different indicator dyes. The colour chart on the container exactly matches both the colour and position of the test pads on the strip. The patented pH-Fix technology ensures optimal usability of the test strips. During production, the indicator is chemically bound to the test paper avoiding ‘bleeding’ even in strongly alkaline solutions. In weakly buffered solutions, the paper can be left in the solution for an indefinite period of time to obtain a final reaction colour without contaminating the sample. For careful testing of dangerous, poisonous, or aggressive liquids, pH-Fix test strips have the optimal design. The long plastic handle effectively protects the user from contact with the sample.

PACK: 100


129211-0000-10 pH Fix 0-14 is a Case of 1000




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