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Difference between laboratory glasswasher and domestic dishwasher

Although a domestic washer is a much lower cost than a laboratory glassware washer, it is not always suited for use in the commercial setting as it may not have the advanced features needed for laboratory work. Here are some key differences between domestic dishwashers and laboratory glassware washers: Pump and rinsing systems Domestic washers […] ... Read More

The Different Types of Glass in the Lab

Glassware in the form of beakers, petri dishes, vials, burettes and cylinders among others has always been a part of even the smallest laboratories. This is because of the unique inert qualities that allow chemical substances to be placed inside it. However, not all glassware is equal. There are different materials used in making laboratory glass such as […] ... Read More

Sparkling Glassware Without the Side Effects

When it comes to your laboratory, superior cleaning power is required that simply cannot be achieved with your standard domestic products. Specialised laboratory decontaminants and cleaners are available to give you excellent performance. These types of cleaning products go far above and beyond the power of standard domestic cleaning products and as you would expect, […] ... Read More

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