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The Difference Between Distilled and Demineralised Water

Distillation and demineralization are both forms of purifying water but they have different methods of achieving this purification. The two methods do produce different results and it is worth looking into both so that you are equipped with the knowledge of the differences between them. Distilled Water Distilled water simply refers to water that has […] ... Read More

Why doesn’t a pH Sensor display pH 7 in deionised or distilled water?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get a consistent pH reading on your distilled or deionised water? Here is why… The electrodes of a pH meter will not give accurate values in pure water because distilled and deionised water do not have enough ions for the electrode to function accurately. The readings will most […] ... Read More

Distilled Vs Deionised Water: What is the difference?

The terms “distilled water” and “deionised water” are often misunderstood. Water Distillation Water evaporation/condensation is one of the oldest methods of producing pure water and is also known as the “Thermal Method”. The main drawback of this method is the very high cost of the electricity needed to convert the water into steam. In the […] ... Read More

What is the difference between Turbidity and TSS?

A common question that arises when studying the clarity or quality of water is what the difference between turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS). They both offer measurements on clarity but what does each test for? And is there any correlation between the two? What is Turbidity? When we refer to Turbidity, we are looking […] ... Read More

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