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How to Manage and Prevent Silver Nitrate Stains in Your Laboratory

Many a customer has phoned into Westlab and asked about Silver Nitrate stain removal. In this article we may not have your exact answer but would like to give you some ideas on some methods that can work depending on the surface properties. Silver nitrate leaves a black/gray stain which is obstinate to remove on […] ... Read More

What is GHS and when will it be in use?

GHS is an acronym for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This new naming and labeling system that is in the process of being implemented globally. It was developed by the United Nations and the transition to the new GHS system began in Canada in February of 2015 and will be […] ... Read More

What is a Buffer and how does it work?

A buffer is an aqueous solution that can resist significant changes in pH levels upon the addition of small amount of acid or alkali. Each buffer is characterized by a set ‘capacity’ which is defined as the quantity of strong acid or base that must be added to change the pH of one liter of […] ... Read More

What is the Difference between Molarity and Normality?

Molarity and normality are two important and commonly used concentrations in chemistry that are measured  using two different approaches. Both terms are used to indicate quantitative measurement of a substance. If you want to determine the amount of copper ions in a solution, it can be given as a concentration measurement. Molarity and normality are […] ... Read More

4 Tips to Manage Laboratory Inventory

Managing inventory in the laboratory is an important task and the significance of it is largely overlooked. Inventory management remains one of the single most effective ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. The team at Westlab have written this article to give you some fresh inspiration and ideas to assist in managing inventory which […] ... Read More

A Guide to Chemicals and Chemical Grades

Almost every laboratory uses chemicals in one form or another. Knowing where to buy them, what grade to purchase, and what labelling is required can be confusing. This guide will help you navigate some of those challenges: Chemical Grades Most laboratory chemicals are labelled with a grade which generally indicates the purity of the chemical. […] ... Read More

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