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What is the difference between Plasma and Serum?

Plasma and serum are two elements of blood that are commonly thought to be the same thing, however, they are indeed different substances. In this article, we’ll go over what Plasma and Serum are and the key differences between them. What is Plasma? Plasma makes up about 55% of the overall blood volume. It is […] ... Read More

3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Centrifuge Tube

Centrifuge tubes range a lot in terms of quality and performance. There are multiple factors that contribute to the overall quality of the tube that we will discuss in this article. It’s important to take into account your own requirements of a tube and then choose a tube that is going to best suit these […] ... Read More

Difference Between RCF and RPM in Centrifugation

When dealing with centrifuges, you will come across two different units of measure: The Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF) and Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). It is important that you are aware that the two are very different, get them wrong (which isn’t as uncommon as you might think) and the experiment will be ruined. Let’s take […] ... Read More

A Guide to Purchasing a Centrifuge

An essential equipment item in many laboratories is a centrifuge. It is used in processes such as separation of red blood cells, DNA, cellular debris, and organelles. Lab managers need to keep in mind that there are numerous brands of centrifuges in the market and as a result, there are a number of consideration to […] ... Read More

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