Filtered Pipette Tips vs. Non-Filtered Pipette Tips


There has been an increase in demand for pipette tips over the last couple months, partly due to supply chain shortages. While most pipette tips are still available, non-filtered tips are becoming harder to source due to the high demand for filtered tips. Many manufacturers have switched over to making filtered tips exclusively to keep up with the demand.

Unfortunately, this puts labs in a tough position as stock of non-filtered tips starts to run out. We have heard of labs trying to reuse their old non-filtered tips by washing them out. This is not the best solution as it can cost a lot more time and money.

Fortunately, there is a better solution!

If you are currently using non-filtered tips in your processes, you can easily and effectively switch over to using filtered tips.

Filtered tips are designed for accuracy and to protect the pipette from aerosols making their way up into the pipette helping to prevent cross contamination.

Yes, you may have to pay a little more for filtered tips, but its a small price to pay compared to the hassle and time spent trying to reuse old tips. We have a range of filtered tips available that can be used in place of your standard non-filtered tips.


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